Claymore Power Generation Upgrade Project

Installation of 2 New Switch-rooms for Drilling Package Reactivation.

Paktim Energy Ltd were contacted by Global Energy Group to review the Project Management and Project Plan due to delays in the E&I SOW. Paktim Energy Project Managers reviewed the Project Plan and Engineers inspected the work carried out. It was agreed with all stakeholders (Odfjell and Talisman) that Paktim Energy. Ltd would Project Manage and integrate Paktim Energy Supervision/Technicians with selected existing manpower.

With the introduction of Paktim Energy Management and Personnel, progress was made in what was an extremely complicated project.

  • Total Nº of Paktim Energy Personnel – 62
  • Project Managers – 2
  • Electrical Supervisors – 10
  • Electrical Technicians – 50

The Paktim Energy team successfully completed the following systems & work scopes:

  • Power – The installation of new switchgear, distribution and transformers from 13.8KVA to 24DC control whilst maintaining emergency power at all times.