Haewene Brim FPSO upgrade project

The Haewene Brim FPSO project was a comprehensive upgrade to the topsides in order to prepare for introduction of hydrocarbons from the Brynhild field commingled with the existing Pierce field.

To produce hydrocarbons from the Brynhild field, modifications were required to the Haewene Brim FPSO to the following packages: New Chemical/Methanol; Washwater; Inlet Heater; Separating Metering; Export Metering; Interstage Heater; Overhaul of PLC systems and DCS Installations; Existing Chemical; New HPU; HIPPS; New separator internals; Upgraded Subsea Control System; Replacement of the Risers.

The delivery and implementation of these work packages made up the Brynhild Construction scope. In addition to the Brynhild scope, there were a number of maintenance, life expansion and inspection activities which had to be undertaken whilst the Haewene Brim was non-operational. These were referred to as non-Brynhild scope.

Paktim Energy were contracted as the main E&I contractor to provide Electrical and Instrument services, including associated project management services. Prior to the construction phase, Paktim Energy project engineering team worked from Amec office and were integrated with other stakeholder teams including Amec, Global, Bluewater, Lundin and Shell.

  • Nº of Systems – 11
  • Nº of Workpacks – 57 (Brynhild scope); 8 (Non-Brynhild scope)
  • Nº of Construction Certificates – 714
  • Nº of Commissioning Certificates – 94
  • Total Nº of Paktim Energy Personnel – 179
  • E&I Construction Manager – 1
  • Snr. Construction Engineers – 2
  • Construction Superintendents – 4
  • Electrical Supervisors – 12
  • Instrument Supervisors – 3
  • Electrical Charge-hands – 14
  • Instrument Charge-hands – 3
  • Electrical Technicians – 112
  • Instrument Pipefitters – 24
  • Storesman – 2
  • Site Office Admin – 2